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Bookstore Girls Old Book & New Drama

May 6, 2015

Yesterday I finally finished  reading 書店ガール.

I didn’t have a lot of time during April to read because I was so busy with the final months of school including all the finals and group projects.


I really wanted to read this book because it the original work of the new and currently airing KTV drama 戦う!書店ガール. I found out about it after someone tweeted a picture of 千葉 雄大 wearing a bookstore apron.


I do have to admit however, that I felt like the book was a bit too dramatic for events that occur in a bookstore. But when I watched the drama, it was a appropriately intense.

It is such a fun experience to watch the drama after you read a book to measure how much you understood from the book! I love how they used literally the same exact lines from the book in  most of the scenes (the fact that I remembered the lines is a bit more surprising to me!). I really like watching with Japanese subtitles. I already caught up to episode 4!

I really recommend this book for beginners because it has really simple dialogue and you can even watch the drama version. The book is quite new as well.

There were a few misunderstandings I had from the novel. But I’m not sure if that is those were due to intentional differences in the drama.

I don’t think I’ll be reading a book for May unfortunately.

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