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Chalice and Crystal Brooch

May 15, 2015

Last week a very sentimental package arrived…

at a very dire moment…


My Proplica Crystal Brooch and Rainbow Moon Chalice!

Both of these items were newly released in April-Early May so I was able to receive them in one package.


The brooch is so fun to play with! There are 2 modes, with two different sounds on each mode. They are: transformation with and without voice, short melody (my favorite), and of course her speech anthem instrumental. I love how in the end it flashes like a rainbow. I have the 90’s North American version, and it is so clunky and nasty compared to this 2015 version.

You can see the video below from my Instagram on a preview on the transformation with voice.

ムーンクリスタルパワーMAKE UP!🌙✨💗

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My favorite part about this is that it even has the transformation sound effects. I only wish that it had the special opera-like voices that are used in the transformation sequences in the Sailor Moon R and S movies.

Another cool feature is that you can take off the cover so you will be left with the crystal base just like the 「蓋が外れて胸にコンパクトを当てるシーン」.

Many people do not not about the Rainbow Moon Chalice, but it allows Sailor Moon to transform into Super Sailor Moon after her tier 1 transformation. It is one of my favorite transformations.

Unfortunately, this version is not an actual replica as the version from the 90’s, but rather an air freshener. Yep! That’s right! If you open up the inside, you will find a crystal air freshener. Nonetheless, it is completely identical to the cast of the original toy version except for the fact that is is made out of METAL! It feels so high quality and I really enjoy the heavy weight. Sadly, it is not longer on sale because Premium Bandai is really keen on limiting sales for some reason.

The fragrance is typical with a rosey mid-tone. I’m more of an incense kind of person, so I will not be using this to freshen up ‘nothin.

Rainbow Moon Chalice レインボームーンカリス

A post shared by cohesive witcH🌸🌔🦄 (@great2joy) on

I have always wanted the Rainbow Moon Chalice, especially since it was one of the candidates for the third Sailor Moon Proplica item. People were selling the 90’s version for 800 bucks… no thanks!

I am in love with the butterfly motif presented in the anime transformation sequence (representing rebirth).

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