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His Ashes ざらざらじゃない

June 26, 2015

The not ざらざら ashes is still echoing in my mind after reading 阿賀直己先生’s newest BL novel titled “翳りの星”… and if you read the book, you’ll know why!

I read this book quicker than I expected, and it is due to the fact that I could not put the book down after the plot started to unfold rapidly all of a sudden! I ended up reading 200 pages in one day.


Before I talk about the book, I do have to mention the quality of the pages and cover is extremely high! The cover is textured to have little indents so it feels like you are really touching the stars on the cover. The pages literally feel like butter!

Out of all the books that 阿賀直己先生 has written, this has been the most emotional invoking book I have read of hers. Get ready for a roller-coaster ride!  The variety in characters, relationships, and situations that made it seem like I was really watching a movie or drama. Love when books have a minor characters! There are so many scenes for some reason that are still in my mind.

The story follows Natsume and Kakeru’s pre-teen and late teenage years along with their evolving romance and personal lives. Natsume has a weak body, with Kakeru by his side. You’ll have to read the book in order to find out how their story unfolds. This book is not your typical BL novel. No straight path, a rocky road, and no clear answers.

I’m just wondering why exactly is Natsume considered an angel. He begged for scrub scrub and got nookie on school grounds, Kakeru’s house, and everywhere in between. Like really y’all?! I remember seeing another tweet where a read agreed that Kakeru is the angel. Hmmmm!

If you want to read this book be sure to check out the list of bookstores that handle 翳りの星 over here. I believe there is one online that ships internationally where they offer a free signed bromide. I would have ordered one myself, but by the time I discovered such perk, my book that I preordered had already arrived.

And of course, a reply from the lovely author! I love authors who keep in touch with fans! And she is so sweet~ Maybe next time I will use the form to contact her since I couldn’t fit it in one tweet.

Now I’ll have to wait for 阿賀直己先生’s next novel… hopefully it won’t be too long!

For those of you who are new to this blog, it is my goal this year to read at least one Japanese book a month (excluding May where I traveled Europe). So for the month of July, I will be reading下妻物語, known as “Kamikaze Girls”. I watched the movie so long ago, so I was really excited when I found out that the book was actually the original version. It is the story about the relationship between a lolita and a yankee girl. Flashback to the 00’s, am I right? Pick up the book if you’d like to read along with me.

Take a look on my booklog for more books I am interested in reading and books I have read.

On a side note, today the US supreme court has ruled marriage equality in every state (meaning same-sex bans are BANNED). This decade really is amazing, isn’t it!

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