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Shimotsuma Girls

July 16, 2015

For the month of July I finished reading 下妻物語, or Kamikaze Girls in English.DSC03200

I watched the movie a long time ago (as in the 2000s), so I really didn’t remember the story that well. If you don’t know this famous story, it is about a lolita and a yankee and their odd friendship.

As I am typing out this blog post, I am watching the movie! If you enjoy Lindsay Lohan’s “Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen”, you will definitley love this movie. It definiltey has some quirky moments and silly graphics. I think this is due to the fact that both movies were made in 2004 (I would have to say this is one of the golden years for films. Ironically most of the films during that year had a yellow tint, I feel).

It is really cool to see that they used many of the same exact lines from the novel in the film. It is school to see the some of the scenes that played in my head when I read the book to be materialized in the film.


I thought I was not comprehending the book well enough, because externally the friendship did not seem deep. But it is the same in the film. It’s like that Adventure Time vibe where things are not as clear or as serious as they should be – just like when Fin fought the Orgalorg!

Sadly, I would have to say that I enjoyed the film more than the book because it feels more fresh to me. The director did an amazing job! I was constantly checking to see how many more pages I had until the book was over. I don’t need to read 3 pages on a description of a dress. I wonder if I was bored of it because I already watched the movie before, and I already knew the general story.

There are actually very few differences between the book and movie (except for the modeling part that you will have to read in order to find out). If you haven’t watched the movie yet, read the book and then watch the movie! I have watched it in two different decades and still enjoyed it!

I seem to be attracted to stories where we feel as if we’re away from home. But what if sometimes we really are not where we are supposed to be?!

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