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Seifuku Mars, Super Moon, and Happy Designer Animal Crossing

August 9, 2015

Last Thursday, two packages arrived for me!


My first package I opened was my two Sailor Moon figures.

First was S.H.Figuartsスーパーセーラームーン. Sadly, Super Sailor Moon’s two buns are completely uneven and pointing in two different directions… and her hair is inserted so strangely that it doesn’t look realistic for even a cartoon. I already knew there would be some issues because figma figures didn’t seem to be high quality judging from the pictures I saw on the internet. Nonetheless, I am happy since Super Sailor Moon figures are not widely produced.

The second figure I ordered was 世界征服作戦火野レイ.


I never knew taking pictures of figures was so fun!

Obviously my favorite would have to be Rei chan in her school uniform. She is just too adorable! I have never had figures before, so I think these figures are beautiful ones to start out with. In fact, since I love the school uniform collection so much I have already pre-ordered Mako chan and Minako chan. It is not too often you can find the scouts in their civilian form!

My second package I received was my Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer NFC set from Amazon. This is different than any other animal crossing. Rather than living in a town, you become essential a real estate agent where you get to choose the location of houses, and do the interior designing as well.


I always loved the designing aspect of Animal Crossing, but getting all the items was always such a hassle. I also enjoyed how the game creators designed the houses for the villagers, and always wanted to do it myself.

The video below will show you how cute and detailed the game is. Just a warning though, it is super addicting! I don’t recommend this game for people who like to speed through the normal Animal Crossing games and get 1,000,000 bells in the first week… so annoying! This game is not meant to finish in one day. I feel as though it is supposed to be therapeutic and slow paced – especially The items and lots you can use are completely unlimited!

I was originally not going to order it because I thought the New 3DS was required to play – but that is not the case! You can get a ‘lil NFC machine for a little bit extra that allows people with the old 3DS to use Amiibo figures and cards. I tried it and it works so easily.


It even came with batteries. First time I have heard of a Japanese company including batters, haha!

That’s it for this post! I can’t believe it is already August…



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