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October Book レインツリーの国 + Japan’s First Lesbian Drama

November 1, 2015

Happy Halloween!

Because my interlibrary loan came in so late (I only had two days to read it before the due date), I had to skip out on my September book, so this post will be covering the book I read for the month of October.


For October, I read ニアリーイコール written by famous BL novel author 凪良ゆう.

Nagira Yuu’s stories usually never keep my interest (which is why I never really read more than 5 pages), however this one was a bit different I guess. The story line isn’t anything too spectacular – one of those books you read at the airport or if you’re really bored in the summer. A really flat plot like a modern Japanese BL film. In fact, there was almost nothing indistinguishable. I live for BL stories with teachers… and the two main characters were both high school teachers that both carried heavy pasts with them. I feel as though there could have been much more potential to the storyline with such character backgrounds, but I still enjoyed it.

One of the things that did differentiate this book from other BL novels is that that both of the characters were openly gay and the storyline already moved past that part where the characters are like “Wow, I think I like this fellow male homosapien! What is happening to me?!” It was refreshing. Kunitachi even went to the gay bar a couple of times to talk to his friend the bartender.

There were no love scenes (except for one minor one but I skipped those few pages of course), which I really like. Also, what I look for in stories is how realistic they are – the more realistic they are, the more I enjoy reading it. This one was more on the realistic side. I do enjoy stories with fantasy factors as well, though.

And has for my take on the actual plot, I understand that Nii’s parents died… but you have a really cute guy that really likes you and wants to come to your house and bring you convenience store boxed lunches… like are you really going to be that difficult? And Nii has to understand that his relationship with a 20 something year old when he was 17 was just not realistic and he was getting a head of himself. 17 year old brains are not developed. Time to move on, sister!

I also liked how Kunitachi’s sister had her own mini-story towards the end, but why did the author have to wait until the end? It was literally nothing for a hundred pages and then BAM everything happened at once.

The language in the book was super easy to understand, which is perfect for anyone who is new to reading Japanese novels.

View books I have read and ones I plan on reading at my Booklog over here.

Besides my October reading, I wanted to use this post to talk about the new lesbian drama that will be coming out on Fuji TV (no pun intended 😉 )

I think this is HUGE step for Japan – I have always wanted to see a drama that has a homosexual couple in it, and the fact that it is the main focus for the drama is amazing! Not only that, a member from SKE48 is one of the lead characters.

The drama is called トランジットガールズ (Transit Girls). The story is about girls who end up becoming step-sisters after their parents marry who end up falling in love. Apparently the same people who made Terrace House (a popular Japanese reality show). You can read more about it at the Huffington Post. I just don’t like the fact that one of the sisters is 18… and the fact that they’re step-sisters. Age gaps don’t matter to me, but when one of the partners are in high school, there is a whole lot of life-experience differences. Ugh, creepy!

What do y’all think about this? Even though there are a few things that I do not like with the representation of lesbian couples,  I think it is pretty awesome – especially since it is being broadcasted on a main channel in Japan. I am curious to how it will be received. I searched up the hashtag #トランジットガールズ, and all the tweets seemed really positive while expressing excitement about the drama.

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